Starfire Industries LLC specializes in innovative plasma engineering
across a range of markets, including aerospace/defense,
nuclear/homeland security and manufacturing/semiconductors. Plasma
technologies are ubiquitous across industry, touching nearly every
computer chip produced and every satellite flying over the earth. As a
result, there are many novel applications waiting to be discovered to
improve a product or process.

Starfire's core competency is in plasma engineering, where we are
currently developing advanced plasma technologies with application to
nuclear fusion, industrial and semiconductor processing, and space
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R&D Facility in Champaign, Illinois; Planar Hall Thruster in Operation at Edwards AFB; Microdischarge Plasma Source; Neutron Generator for AmBe Replacement
2109 South Oak Street, Suite 100
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 721-4165
Evolutionary to Revolutionary Plasma Engineering
  • Laser and plasma deposition of refractory and high temperature
  • Fusion neutron generators for materials inspection and homeland
  • Neutron radiography systems for non-destructive imaging
  • High-power microwave plasma systems for semiconductor
  • Advanced Hall thruster technology development for high thrust-to-
  • Microscale plasma discharges for optical metamaterials and
    picosatellite propulsion
  • Atmospheric pressure medical plasma devices for therapeutic